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Steve Kenson

Green Ronin Publishing
Steve Kenson has been writing and designing in the tabletop RPG industry since 1995. He has written for such diverse games as Shadowrun, Earthdawn, Aberrant, Dungeons & Dragons, and White Wolf’s World of Darkness. Three of his novels for Shadowrun focused on a gay male protagonist. Steve designed the Mutants & Masterminds Superhero RPG for Green Ronin Publishing and served as its developer for several years. He has also developed two editions of Blue Rose Romantic Fantasy Roleplaying for Green Ronin, known for its inclusion of different expressions of gender, sexuality, and relationships. Steve helped start the “gaymers” emailing list with Lucien Soulban and launched the “Queer as a Three-Sided Die” seminar at GenCon, North America’s largest tabletop convention. Steve works for Green Ronin Publishing, runs his own imprint (Ad Infinitum Adventures), and manages Copper Cauldron Publishing (a neopagan and occult imprint). He lives in Salem, New Hampshire, with his partners, Adam Sartwell and Christoper Penczak, and maintains a website at www.stevekenson.com.